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Volume 1

A Turtle's Secret

Tommy Tortuga may look like an ordinary turtle, but he is extraordinary!  In this timely tale, Tommy uses creativity, determination and teamwork to turn an idea into reality while others are distracted.  He shows great initiative and has great fun in building self-confidence in an unexpected way. 

Tommy reminds us all that you can't judge a turtle by its shell. This full color storybook creates fun for the whole family with rhyming, alliteration, anomatopoeia, similes and metaphors. Each page has a hidden image. 

Hardcover, Premium Paper and Color Print. 8.5" x 8.5". 2018. 

Volume 2

Who's in the Box?

Tommy's adorable and exciting story continues in Volume 2.  A surprise experience lands Tommy in an unexpected place; a box.  His overnight experience in a box is thought provoking about a typical family of today and an inspiring turtle.  The colorful illustrations with hidden images continue in Volume 2, along with the rhyming, alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes.  Your family will keep coming back to Tommy T for more fun.  

Hardcover, Premium Paper and Color Print.  8.5" x 8.5".  2018. 

2-in-1 Set

A Turtle's Secret and Who's in the Box?

This special 2-in-1 set combines both Volume 1, A Turtle's Secret, and Volume 2, Who's in the Box?, in a single hardcover book.  Follow Tommy Tortuga in his adventures as you meet this cute and clever turtle.  From learning about his secret to trying to figure out what is amiss with the children around him, this 2-in-1 set brings fun to the whole family.  

Hardcover, Premium Paper and Premium Color Print.  8.5" x 8.5".  2018. 

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what to expect from tommy tortuga

have you seen a tommy moment?


Hey everyone, come and join in the real fun!


Whoa!  Clickity clack.  The fun is not in that little box!


We just had the most amazing hike, can you believe the view from the top?  Hello?  Anyone?  Yo, I'm over here!


I can't believe that homer on the bottom of the 9th, that was. amazing!  Guys?  Hello?  



One summer, not so long ago, a family was on a vacation.  During the late afternoon one day, a nice local fellow brought a fine looking turtle to the little home in which the family was staying.  He wanted to share his find with the family thinking that the boy had never met a real turtle.  He was right!  The young boy had never seen a turtle, and that turtle had never seen a curious little boy.  The turtle stayed one night in the house in a box.

Well, that little turtle made quite an impression, and he was given a name, Tommy Tortuga.  The next morning, the family wanted to return the turtle to freedom.  Tommy was released back into the nearby woods in which he was found.  When the family turned around to say a final goodbye, the turtle was gone.  Curious!  That family was certain that Tommy had a secret life full of excitement filling his day and night.  The adventures of Tommy Tortuga began to sprout from the little seeds that were planted in the family's imagination.

Tommy was never seen again by that family, only one grainy photo remains of that Summer day.  However, we are sure that Tommy is still finding unusual adventures every day.  The Adventures of Tommy Tortuga is where his journey can be followed.

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About the Author, Matthew A. Lapides



Matthew Lapides has been on an adventure of entrepreneurship since the late 1980's.  He is always curious, and opportunities have taken him around the globe where he has witnessed dreams, desire, triumph and defeat.  Matthew is inspired by both art and science.  He is a critical thinker but also a creative dreamer.  For Matthew, these are delicious ingredients for the recipe of his sometimes complicated projects.  These activities must make the people around him nuts, but the results are often curious things of beauty… at least to somebody.  Matthew is resourceful, and because of his handi-daddiness, Matthew's son is simply sure that he can fix ALMOST anything.

Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, always patient and tirelessly creative, Matthew’s hallmark is helping to empower others to be more.  Sprout Publishing is a creative channel to help put a few keepsakes on children's bookshelves, bring smiles to families and start conversations.  It's working so far!

Matthew is also the author of "Biking to the Boat Ramp", a photo-chronicle of his family's experience of building a 17' wooden sloop sailboat in their garage in Coconut Grove, FL.

Stand by, Matthew has continued the Adventures of Tommy Tortuga with new volumes and has several other projects in the works!


Meet Sprout Publishing

Sprout popped up from a small seed in the mind of Matthew Lapides.  He founded Sprout Publishing as a passageway to share stories, bring smiles to growing families and find ways to pass along worthwhile messages that create conversations.  Little sapling stories, each with their own ideas and premise, began to pop up one at a time.  With love, attention and nurturing, those saplings grew to bear fruit.  Tommy Tortuga was a small idea, and now he is bigger than life!  Each little literary work is created for you to enjoy in different ways.  We hope you get inspired to plant your own literary seeds to nurture and grow for others to enjoy.  

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